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 學習能力訓練 Academic Skills 

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學習能力訓練是Mud Pies 專門針對香港中學生學習所需而設計的課程,旨在為他們作充足準備,迎接學業上的各種挑戰及應該各種評核與考試,包括香港高中課程、普通中學教育文憑試(GCSE)、國際文憑課程(IB)國際普通中學教育文憑試(IGCSE)及國際英語水平測試(IELTS)等。課程將訓練學生報告、資料搜集、論文寫作及分析能力,讓你們能輕鬆應付學校的各項英文習作。此課程以一個月為一單元,無論是打算在本地升學或海外留學的學生,都能從此課程獲益多。


  • 報告技巧

  • 研究方法

  • 文學分析

  • 書寫論點及陳述

Excel at Secondary School

Age: Secondary School students

Developed exclusively by Mud Pies to address the needs of Hong Kong secondary school students, the Academic Skills course prepares pupils for the Hong Kong Senior Secondary Syllabus, GCSE, IB, IGCSE and IELTS. The class equips students with all the skills needed to tackle different English assignments at school, from presentation and research techniques to essay writing and analysis. Operating on a monthly module basis, Academic Skills will prove useful for students continuing their studies overseas in addition to those studying locally.

Skills developed:

  • Presentation skills

  • Research techniques

  • Essay writing

  • Literature analysis

  • Reading and writing accuracy

  • Writing argument or point of view​