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 Advanced English Skills (Secondary) 

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中學英文課程為本地和國際學校學生準備香港高中課程、GCSE、IB、IGCSE 和 IELTS。該課程為中學生提供在學校處理不同英語作業所需的所有技能,從做簡報和資料搜集技巧到散文寫作及分析。中學英文課程以月份課程單元為基礎,除本地學生之外,對於往海外升學的學生也很有幫助。


  • 做簡報技巧

  • 資料搜集技巧

  • 散文寫作

  • 文獻分析

  • 提升讀寫技巧的準確性

  • 提升描寫論點或觀點的能力

Advanced English Skills (Secondary)


Advanced English Skills prepares both local and international students for the Hong Kong Senior Secondary Syllabus, GCSE, IB, IGCSE and IELTS. The class equips students with all the skills needed to tackle different English assignments at school, from presentation and research techniques to essay writing and analysis. Operating on a monthly module basis, Advanced English Skills is useful for students continuing their studies overseas in addition to those studying locally.

Skills developed:

  • Presentation skills

  • Research techniques

  • Essay writing

  • Literature analysis

  • Reading and writing accuracy

  • Writing argument or point of view​

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