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身為老師,教學的終極目標並非只是灌輸知識,而是鼓勵學生主動踏上學習旅途﹗Mud Pies 所有課程設計均以此為宗旨,讓學生在充滿創意與啟發的環境下,



A teacher’s ultimate objective is not to impart knowledge but to inspire students to embark on their own journey of discovery. At Mud Pies, our courses are designed exactly with this in mind. In all our classes, we equip students with the skills they need to develop academically within a creative, engaging environment.

學前預備班 Playgroup (學前兒童)
Playgroup (Pre-school)
幼兒英語拼音班 Phonics (3至5歲)
Chatterbox (Age 3 - 5)
英語必修班 (3至6歲)
Essential English (Age 3 - 6)
醒目小讀者 (小學)
Smart Readers (Primary)
創意寫作 (小學)
Creative Writing (Primary)
卓越英語實力班 (小學)
Primary Skills Success (Primary)
高級寫作班 (小學高年班)
Advanced Writing (Upper Primary)
Cambridge YLE Test Preparation (Ages 5-11)
學習能力訓練 (中學)
Academic Skills (Secondary)
Summer Courses
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