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英語課程 Mud Pies English Education

 幼兒英語班 (3至6歲) 
 English for Young Learners (3-6yrs) 

 英語課程 English courses 



  • 英語流利度和信心

  • 社交技巧

  • 詞彙運用

  • 認知技巧

  • 對話技巧

  • 演說技巧

English for Young Learners is a progressive, three level general English course designed for children in kindergarten. The course builds speaking, show and tell, listening and vocabulary skills. The lively lessons include songs, games and stories to ensure the classes are lots of fun. Students learn essential vocabulary and develop confidence in speaking and using English. 

Skills developed:

  • English fluency and confidence

  • Social skills

  • Vocabulary 

  • Cognitive

  • Conversation

  • Presentation

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