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 英文創意寫作 (小學) 
 English Writing Enrichment (Primary) 

 英語課程 English courses 




** 每個級別大約九至十二個月。

英文創意寫作中,學生將完成一系列具有挑戰性的書籍和任務。 英文創意寫作教會學生如何發展想法並利用強大的詞彙有創意及準確地寫作。我們使用在英國學校證明成功的課程,學生可以通過系統性的教學大綱進行難度漸進的學習。 英文創意寫作的畢業生將能夠充分地表達自己的想法從而成為自信的讀者及作家。

** 我們經常利用一致的主題以用於不同的級別上,來提高學生的一些基本知識及擴展學習經驗。 學生通常會發現這些主題很有趣,而且非常吸引。



  • 文法—新技巧和復習

  • 校對技巧

  • 建立強大的詞彙

  • 創意寫作

  • 提升流暢度

  • 提升理解能力


English Writing Enrichment (Primary)

Levels 1 - 7 (Primary)

** Approximately nine- twelve  months per level. 


In English Writing Enrichment, students work through a series of increasingly challenging books and tasks. English Writing Enrichment teaches students how to develop ideas and harness powerful vocabulary to write creatively and accurately. Based on a proven successful curriculum used in British schools, students work through a systematic syllabus with progressive difficulty. Graduates of English Writing Enrichment will be confident readers and writers who are able to express their own ideas. 


** We often work on ‘whole school’ topics at different levels to boost general knowledge and extended learning experience. Students usually find these topics interesting and hugely engaging. 

​Skills developed:

  • Grammar - new skills and revision

  • Proofreading skills

  • Powerful vocabulary

  • Creative writing​

  • Fluency

  • Comprehension

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