英語導師 English Instructor 

Mud Pies: 談談你的教學經驗以及什麼是你在教學中最享受的?

Noel: 我第一次教學是在大學時期,當時在加拿大的語言中心為兒童進行義務教學,而這興趣亦變成了我的終身事業。教學中我從來未覺得沉悶,而其中一樣我感到很有趣味的,便是看見每一個學生不停在改變。

Mud Pies: 對你而言,家在哪裡?

Noel: 家就在我心中,所以我在哪裡家就在哪裡。

Mud Pies: 你覺得MUD PIES最好的地方是什麼?

Noel: 和各位有很多很多的互動!

Mud Pies: 小朋友們都怎樣形容你?

Noel: 嚴肅、風趣,嚴肅地風趣!

Mud Pies: 你最喜愛的兒童讀物是什麼?

Noel: 比爾.皮特的 “ 失去尾巴的龍 ”

Mud Pies: 什麼地點/事情會令你愉快?

Noel: 在晴朗的一天,坐在高處俯瞰海洋和享受微風拂面 。

Mud Pies: What is your experience of teaching and what do you enjoy most about it?

Noel: I first started teaching back when I was still in university, where I was asked to be a volunteer teacher for kids at a language center in Canada and have since made it into a hobby-now-turned-career.  Students are forever changing and that’s the fun part about teaching – there is never a dull moment.

Mud Pies: Where is 'home' for you?

Noel: Home in within me so home is where I am.

Mud Pies: What is the best thing about Mud Pies?

Noel: Interaction – lots and lots of it!

Mud Pies: How would your students best describe you?

Noel: Serious, fun and seriously fun.

Mud Pies: What is your favourite children's book?

Noel: Bill Peet’s How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head.

Mud Pies: What activity, place or thing makes you happiest?

Noel: Sitting somewhere high up overlooking the ocean on a sunny day with gentle breeze – ah, the fresh air.

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