中心經理 Centre Manager 

Mud Pies: 談談你的工作經驗以及什麼是你在工作中最享受的?

Phoebe: 過往多年在教會擔任牧養的角色,不論照顧及教導兒童主日學、家庭及婚姻輔導,這多年所學所做的經驗,仍然支持著我每一天在MUD PIES的工作,亦令我更清楚,我享受與不同家長分享及交流生活點滴,享受看著學生的成長,有時通過他們分享的生活趣事,我亦獲益良多,而每次聽到家長分享他們的孩子很喜歡來MUD PIES,我亦會十分感動,因為我相信,生活及學習是可以充滿快樂及帶來很多美好回憶的。

Mud Pies: 對你而言,家在哪裡?

Phoebe: 有親人的地方就是我的家。

Mud Pies: 你覺得MUD PIES最好的地方是什麼?

Phoebe: Mud Pies是一個充滿正能量的地方。

Mud Pies: 小朋友們都怎樣形容你?

Phoebe: 話匣子小姐( Little Miss Chatterbox) 或是 愛幫忙小姐(Little Miss Helpful) 或是應該叫姨姨比較適合^_^

Mud Pies: 你最喜愛的兒童讀物是什麼?

Phoebe: 瓦萊麗·托馬斯的《 巫婆與黑貓》- 以有趣的方式教導與別人相處應有的態度。

Mud Pies: 什麼地點/事情會令你愉快?

Phoebe: 當家人評論我做的食物或甜品像是米芝蓮3星級廚師 :)

Mud Pies: What is your work experience and what do you enjoy most about it?

Phoebe: For many years, I have served in my church. I have taught children at Sunday School and have had a key role in guiding people and sharing our beliefs. I have worked as a marriage and family counsellor for many years and I use these skills every day at Mud Pies. I enjoy communicating with people of all backgrounds. Working at Mud Pies, I really enjoy sharing my life experiences with our parents. In return, I learn a lot from our parents and their amazing life stories too. I enjoy watching students grow and I'm always touched and excited when I hear parents share how much their children love coming to Mud Pies. I believe learning can be full of fun and building great memories.

Mud Pies: Where is 'home' for you?

Phoebe: Where I have my love ones.

Mud Pies: What is the best thing about Mud Pies?

Phoebe: Mud Pies is a Place full of positive energy

Mud Pies: How would your students best describe you?

Phoebe: Little Miss Chatterbox or Little Miss Helpful. Maybe Auntie is more suitable ^_^

Mud Pies: What is your favourite children's book?

Phoebe: ‘Winnie the Witch’ by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul - Talking about right attitude to get along with others in a interesting way

Mud Pies: What activity, place or thing makes you happiest?

Phoebe: Cooking and people comment the food/desserts I made are Michelin 3 stars :)

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