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 幼兒英語拼音班 Phonics 


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想孩子在學習上快人一步?Mud Pies 的幼兒英語拼音班 Phonics 專為幼兒設計,讓小朋友透過唱歌、遊戲、講故事,對英語產生興趣,並在老師的會話指導下,促進會話技巧、學習基本拼音及認識新詞彙。課程內容生動有趣,讓小朋友輕鬆享受學習樂趣,加強英語表達能力,為他們在幼稚園學習奠下良好基礎。


  • 會話技巧

  • 基本拼音

  • 發展詞彙

  • 社交技巧

A head start for kindergarten

Age: 3-5

Would you like to give your child a head start at kindergarten? Then sign them up for Mud Pies Chatterbox, which is designed to promote early conversational skills, phonemic awareness and build vocabulary. These lively lessons make learning fun for youngsters with songs, games and storytelling in addition to phonics instruction. Chatterbox students will improve their vocabulary and the ability to express themselves in English.

Skills developed:

  • Conversation

  • Basic phonics

  • Vocabulary building

  • Social skills​