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 學前預備班 Playgroup 

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我們的學前預備班是一個受瑞吉歐啟發溫暖而友善的地方,讓孩子們在發掘和遊戲中學習。 課堂在一個自然光線充足而又安全的環境進行。 孩子們透過有趣的活動,學習以不同的方式與別人溝通交流。 每個孩子亦能從中建立成功感,令他們能有更進一步的發展。


  • 探索和發現

  • 與同輩和老師的溝通

  • 自信心

  • 詞彙和語言

This class is perfect preparation for kindergarten

Age: Pre-school

Our playgroup is a warm and friendly Reggio Emilia inspired playgroup where children learn through play and discovery. Classes are held in a naturally well-lit, secure environment that is perfect for learning.  Children learn how to communicate in different ways through fun and exciting activities. Each child feels a sense of achievement which allows for progression in the child’s development.

Skills developed:

  • Exploration and discovery

  • Communication with peers and teachers

  • Self –esteem

  • Vocabulary and language