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Ignite Your Child’s Imagination: Fun Writing Activities for Primary School Kids

I often hear from parents who are worried or frustrated that their children don't write 'enough.' Creative writing is a skill that takes time to improve. Progress can be made at any age, and our expectations as parents and guardians should be age-appropriate. Often, it is not the length of a piece of writing but the aspect a child has been working on that is key. Descriptions of characters, setting, mapping an interesting plot, or thinking of a stellar ending using all the language tools available must be encouraged and acknowledged.

Unlock the magic of creativity and help your child explore the wonderful world of writing at home! From crafting short stories to composing poems or even designing comic strips, writing offers an incredible outlet for imagination. Here’s how you can make writing an exciting adventure for your primary school-aged children.

Tip of the Day: Start a “Story Jar”

Transform writing into a fun and engaging activity with a "Story Jar." Here's how:

Create the Jar: Use a colorful jar or container and fill it with slips of paper containing random words or phrases.

Weekly Challenge: Each week, let your child pick a word or phrase from the jar. Their challenge is to write a story based on the selection.

Creative Fun: Watch as your child’s creative juices flow, turning simple words into imaginative tales.

Encouragement: Read the stories together or have your children read them to you and listen carefully. Talk about the story, show an interest, and ask questions. "Wow - how did you think of that character?", "What made you think of a forest?", "What are some alternative endings that might be fun?"

This activity not only boosts creativity but also enhances their writing skills and vocabulary. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to spend quality time together while nurturing their love for storytelling.

Start your "Story Jar" today and ignite your child’s passion for writing! Join Mud Pies Creative Writing Masterclass summer Workshop to hone creative writing skills!

In addition, we invite you to join the 2024 Hotung Mills Creative Writing Festival. You may register your child now so they can use the summer holidays to work on their final submissions. Click here to register your child NOW.

The Creative Writing Festival is a Hong Kong-wide creative writing competition organized by the Hotung Mills Education Foundation and the English-Speaking Union in Hong Kong. It invites young writers to explore their creativity and English writing skills through poetry and prose. Participants are invited to an annual awards ceremony, during which they have the opportunity to interact with local and international authors and literary judges, receive prizes, and befriend fellow young writers.

I hope you continue to have a great week! Ms. Liz












參加Mud Pies創意寫作大師班暑期工作坊,提升創意寫作技能!

此外,我們邀請您參加2024年Hotung Mills創意寫作節。您可以立即為孩子註冊,讓他們利用暑假時間完成最終提交作品。現在點擊這裡註冊您的孩子。

創意寫作節是一個由Hotung Mills教育基金會和香港英語聯盟組織的全港性創意寫作比賽。它邀請年輕作家通過詩歌和散文探索他們的創意和英文寫作技能。參加者將被邀請參加年度頒獎典禮,在這期間他們有機會與本地和國際作者及文學評審交流,獲得獎品,並結識其他年輕作家。


Ms. Liz

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