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The Fun Side of Fitness: Keeping Kids Active and Healthy

As parents, there's no doubt we all want the best for our children, and keeping them active is a big part of ensuring their overall well-being. Regular physical activity is vital not just for their bodies but also for their minds. The key is to find activities children genuinely enjoy, whether it's a favourite sport, dancing around the living room, or simply having a good run in the park.

I see many parents signing children up for sporting activities to have them compete. There is no fun, no team building and this simply isn't sustainable. The number of children I have taught over the years who give up their sport as soon as they can because they were 'strongly encouraged' or forced to do it as a child is staggering.

The aim is to make fitness something they look forward to, not just another item on their neverending to-do lists.

Tip of the Day: Family Sports Day at Home

Why not organise a family sports day at home? You can set up various games and challenges, or let your kids do it. Work together as a family. From sack races to mini obstacle courses, make sure everyone gets a chance to participate. It's a fantastic way to spend quality time together, get off screens, create lasting memories, and keep everyone moving. Plus, it's a brilliant opportunity to show your kids that staying active can be loads of fun.

I was once advised by a health visitor in the U.K. that she always said 'yes' when her children wanted to try new sports activities - but her children were only allowed to take up one activity per term. Sports clubs etc. can get expensive! She insisted that if her child signed up they had to commit for the duration of the school term. After that, they could continue or try something else. I love this idea and follow similar rules with my children. Try it out, stick with it to give it a chance, once committed go for it and do it to the best of your ability and if it's not for you, change and do something else. I now have a rugby-playing daughter - who is seriously planning her path to play international rugby and a potential horse rider! (Could my girls not have chosen slightly less 'dangerous sports'??)

Remember, the goal is to make fitness enjoyable for your children. When they see it as a fun and engaging part of their day, they'll be more likely to stay active and healthy as they grow. Once children show an interest in a particular sport or activity, go for it. Encourage them, and see how far they can go. Let’s embrace the fun side of fitness and make staying active a joint effort!

Have a great weekend all! Liz









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