Writing by the Water


 Senior Writing: Levels 1-2 

 英語課程 English courses 





  • 文法及校對技巧

  • 豐富應用詞彙

  • 文學賞析

  • 熟習不同文章類型寫作

Writing for excellence

Age: Upper Primary

Developed for children who have mastered the basics of reading and writing, Advanced Writing takes students to the next level by introducing them to a comprehensive range of thought-provoking texts and classics from the world of children’s literature. Students will learn to read and write in different styles, from reports and instructions to descriptive and more imaginative writing. Advanced Writing incorporates a unique method of teaching grammar that encourages students to use their grammatical knowledge accurately both when speaking and writing.

Skills developed:​

  • Grammar & proofreading skills

  • Powerful vocabulary

  • Literature appreciation

  • Mastery of different writing styles