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Mud Pies: 談談你的工作經驗以及什麼是你在工作中最享受的?

Shirley: 我在大學時期主修華語文學,並在畢業之前任教兩位韓國學生。我認為這是一項艱鉅的工作,因為老師需要傾注滿滿的耐心。但當你看到你的學生漸漸進步,這些都是很值得的。

Mud Pies: 對你而言,家在哪裡?

Shirley: 對我而言,家就是有所愛的人陪伴的地方。

Mud Pies: 你覺得MUD PIES最好的地方是什麼?

Shirley: 當然是我們親切的同事們以及可愛的學生!

Mud Pies: 小朋友們都怎樣形容你?

Shirley: 我覺得他們很喜歡我,因為我經常拿糖果給他們吃,哈哈哈!

Mud Pies: 你最喜愛的兒童讀物是什麼?

Shirley: 《聖誕頌歌》。我在小學時讀過這本溫馨的聖誕故事。

Mud Pies: 什麼地點/事情會令你愉快?

Shirley: 與家人共度空閒時光。一起製作甜品,一起歡笑,便是最快樂的時光。

Mud Pies: What is your experience of teaching and what do you enjoy most about it?

Shirley: I major in Teaching Chinese and had been teaching two Korean student before I graduated. Being a teacher is such a tough job for me because I need to have so much patient. But it feels really satisfied when you see your student improvement.

Mud Pies: Where is 'home' for you?

Shirley: For me, Home should be a place where I am surrounded by the ones I love.

Mud Pies: What is the best thing about Mud Pies?

Shirley: Must be our lovely staff and adorable students.

Mud Pies: How would your students best describe you?

Shirley: I think they quite like me because I give them candy most of the time hahaha!

Mud Pies: What is your favourite children's book?

Shirley: A Christmas Carol. I read it when I was a primary student. It’s a warm Christmas tale.

Mud Pies: What activity, place or thing makes you happiest?

Shirley: Spending time with my family, especially my little brother and sister enrich my spare time. We make desserts together, laugh together and grow together.

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