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 醒目小讀者 Smart Readers 

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當學生能獨立理解生字時,他們便可以就讀醒目小讀者班。課程為學生改善閱讀能力、朗讀流暢度及增強理解能力而設。在醒目小讀者初階,小朋友會先學習發揮創意,學習作句。在完成第三階後,學生將能夠創作短文。我們綜合Read Write Inc. 及 Get Reading Right  的教材,令課程內容更全面,引導學生如何以英文構思、在會話及寫作上靈活運用英文詞彙,為學習創意寫作奠下基礎。


  • 發音及串字

  • 基本文法

  • 認識生字

  • 創意寫作

Learn to Read 

Age: Primary School

Once students can decode words independently they are ready for Smart Readers, which focuses on strengthening reading ability, improving fluency and building comprehension skills. At Smart Readers Level 1, children concentrate on writingimaginative sentences and by Level 3, they are able to write inventive passages. This course serves as a basis for creative writing by teaching children how to develop ideas and use dynamic vocabulary both in their speech and writing. We adopt a synthetic approach for this course and use Read Write Inc. and Get Reading Right materials.

Skills developed:

  • Sounds & spelling

  • Basic grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Creative writing​