英語導師 English Instructor 

Mud Pies: 談談你的教學經驗以及什麼是你在教學中最享受的?

Steve: 我第一次任教是從2002年洛杉磯的一所公立學校開始。教學和訓練一直是我工作的一部分。我喜歡看到孩子們學習新事物並恍然大悟的時候,他們臉上那份喜悅絕對是無價的。

Mud Pies: 對你而言,家在哪裡?

Steve: 哪裡有我的家人,哪裡就是我的家。目前我們的家是香港,我與我的妻子和兩個可愛的女兒LeAnn和Leah住在這裡。我們計劃在女兒們長大後便會回到美國就讀大學。

Mud Pies: 你覺得MUD PIES最好的地方是什麼?

Steve: Mud Pies最好的事情就是輕鬆及歡樂的學習氣氛。當孩子進入教室,我最喜歡就是先與他們玩遊戲。

Mud Pies: 小朋友們都怎樣形容你?

Steve: 我想他們會描述我為又傻又滑稽的Mr. Steve。

Mud Pies: 你最喜愛的兒童讀物是什麼?

Steve: 我最喜歡的書是伊迪絲·霍普精的《Sleepytime Me》,我從圖書館借來並在每晚睡覺前念給我的小孩聽。

Mud Pies: 什麼地點/事情會令你愉快?

Steve: 我最喜歡在陽光下和球場上和我的朋友做運動。

Mud Pies: What is your experience of teaching and what do you enjoy most about it?

Steve: I first started teaching in 2002 at a public school in Los Angeles. Teaching and training has always been part of my job. I love seeing the children's light bulbs turning on when they are learning something new.  The smiles on their faces are priceless. 

Mud Pies: Where is 'home' for you?

Steve: Home is wherever my family is. Currently, I consider Hong Kong as our home as I live here with my wife and two adorable daughters: LeAnn and Leah. We plan to go back to the United States when the girls are old enough to attend universities there. 

Mud Pies: What is the best thing about Mud Pies?

Steve: The best thing about Mud Pies is the relaxing and fun atmosphere for learning. I love playing games with the children when they first come into the classroom. 

Mud Pies: How would your students best describe you?

Steve: I think they would describe Mr. Steve as goofy and funny.

Mud Pies: What is your favourite children's book?

Steve: My favorite book is "Sleepytime Me" by Edith Hope Fine. LeAnn and I borrowed it from the local library and I would read it to her every night before going to bed.

Mud Pies: What activity, place or thing makes you happiest?

Steve: I love playing sports with my friends; I feel happy when I am in the sun and on a court.

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