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Mud Pies 說故事課程

 說故事課程 (初級班4-6歲/高級班7-10歲) 
 Storytelling with Show N Tell (Junior Ages 4-6/ Senior Ages 7-10)  

 英語課程 English courses 


  • 以班級形式閱讀熟悉的故事和新故事

  • 建立閱讀理解能力

  • 建立詞彙技能

  • 學習語調和講故事技巧

  • 建立演講技巧的信心




Are you looking to improve your child’s storytelling skills and have them connect with a community of fellow storytellers? Does your child need support in speaking in front of others and building confidence? Join our popup Storytelling Class and unlock your creative potential!


  • Read familiar tales and new stories as a class

  • Build reading comprehension skills

  • Build vocabulary skills

  • Learn intonation and story delivery techniques

  • Build confidence in presentation skills


This class is perfect for all who love stories as well as aspiring performers. In a supportive environment, teachers guide your child through the storytelling process and give positive tips on how to make storytelling more engaging.


Don't miss this opportunity to improve your child’s storytelling skills and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. Sign up now, build confidence and fluency and boost storytelling skills!

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