英語導師 English Instructor 

Mud Pies: 談談你的教學經驗以及什麼是你在教學中最享受的?

Tamarisk: 我在兩年前考取了TESOL證書,來到MUD PIES前已曾在語言中心任教。雖然有時會感到筋疲力竭,,但當我看到孩子們的進步和父母告訴我他們在學校的表現有多好,這讓我覺得我的生命很有意義。

Mud Pies: 對你而言,家在哪裡?

Tamarisk: 我曾在很多不同的城市居住,並很容易適應新的地方。我體會到所愛的人在身邊,就是家。

Mud Pies: 你覺得MUD PIES最好的地方是什麼?

Tamarisk: 當然是MUD PIES 的所有老師和同事們。這令MUD PIES不僅僅是一個公司,更像是一個家庭。

Mud Pies: 小朋友們都怎樣形容你?

Tamarisk: 我希望小孩們會說我很有趣,但更有可能他們會說我傻。

Mud Pies: 你最喜愛的兒童讀物是什麼?

Tamarisk: 謝爾·希爾弗斯坦的《愛心樹》。我每看必哭。

Mud Pies: 什麼地點/事情會令你愉快?

Tamarisk: 可以輕鬆地在一個清澈的沙灘喝著一杯果味雞尾酒!

Mud Pies: What is your experience of teaching and what do you enjoy most about it?

Tamarisk: I got my TESOL certificate just over 2 years ago and have been teaching in language centers since (one other one before Mud Pies).  It's exhausting at times but the most enjoyable part is when I see kids improve and gain confidence or when the parents tell me how well they're doing at school.  It just makes me feel like I'm really doing something with my life, that I'm making my mark on the world somehow.

Mud Pies: Where is 'home' for you?

Tamarisk: I've lived in a lot of different cities and can adapt to new places easily.  I've learned that 'home' is where my loved ones are because that's when I don't feel like a tourist or a stranger.

Mud Pies: What is the best thing about Mud Pies?

Tamarisk: Definitely the staff.  It's the people that makes Mud Pies more than just a company, it's a family.

Mud Pies: How would your students best describe you?

Tamarisk: I hope they'd say I'm fun but it's more likely they'd say I'm silly.

Mud Pies: What is your favourite children's book?

Tamarisk: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  I cry every time I read it.

Mud Pies: What activity, place or thing makes you happiest?

Tamarisk: Relaxing on a white sandy beach with clear blue water and drinking a fruity cocktail :)

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