劍橋英語考試預備班: 1-3級 

 Cambridge YLE Test Preparation: Starters, Movers and Flyers 

 英語課程 English courses 


由MUD PIES所設計的劍橋英語考試預備班,旨在讓學生掌握全部通過YLE英語考試所需要的語言技能。我們的課程遵循由劍橋大學出版社創建的課程主題,確保學生透過愉快有趣的練習、測驗式的活動下,學會所有相關的語法,詞彙和學習技巧。該課程還協助考生們避開慣常犯錯的地方,我們鼓勵學生在課程結束後報考YLE考試,但它並不是強制性的。


  • 詞彙

  • 語法

  • 學習習慣

  • 聽說讀寫

* 學生必須為這門課程購買所需課本。

* 考試費不包含課程費用。

Age: 5-11

The Mud Pies Cambridge YLE Test Prep. courses are designed to equip students with all the English language skills needed to pass the Cambridge Young Learners of English Tests.  Our classes follow the themed curriculum topics suggested and created by Cambridge University Press. This ensures students learn all relevant grammar, vocabulary and learning skills during lessons through enjoyable tasks and fun, test-style activities. The course also helps with notoriously problematic areas. We encourage students to take the test at the end of the course but it is not compulsory.

Skills developed:

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar 

  • Learning habits 

  • Listening, reading and writing and speaking 

* Students must purchase a student book for this course.

* The examination fee is NOT included in the course fee.