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Mud Pies 劍橋YLE考試課程

 劍橋YLE考試課程 (4歲以上) 
 Cambridge YLE Exam class (Age 4+) 

 英語課程 English courses 


  • 學習通過YLE考試所需的所有語法、詞彙和技能

  • 專注於每個級別最容易給學生帶來問題的領域

  • 完成互動任務以鞏固技能

  • 在最終考試之前完成“模擬”考試








The Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) exams are a series of tests designed to assess the English language proficiency of children aged 5-11.

There are three levels: Starters, Movers, and Flyers. Each level assesses the child's ability to understand and communicate in English through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The exams are widely recognized and provide a certificate indicating the child's level of English proficiency.


  • Learn all grammar, vocabulary and skills needed to pass the YLE Tests

  • Focus on areas most likely to cause problems for students at each level

  • Complete interactive tasks to consolidate skills

  • Complete ‘mock’ test before final exam

Pre-starters (Age 4-5)

Starters (Age 5-7)

Movers (Age 7-9)

Flyers (Age 9-11)

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