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 創意寫作 Creative Writing 

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創意寫作一、二及三階專為小學學生而設,訓練構思文章、準確並靈活運用豐富詞彙的能力。我們特別為準備了英國學校認可的課程大綱及 Read Write Inc. 教材,透過由淺入深、循序漸進的訓練,學生能有系統地學習寫作技巧。學生完成課程後,將大大提升在閱讀、寫作方面的自信,並能以英語充分表達自己。


  • 文法

  • 發現及修改文章錯處

  • 詞彙運用訓練

  • 創意寫作

Get Confident! Get Creative!

Age: Primary School

Designed for primary school students, Creative Writing Levels 1, 2, and 3 teaches students how to develop ideas and harness powerful vocabulary to write creatively and accurately. Based on a proven curriculum used in British schools, students work through a systematic syllabus of progressive difficulty. Graduates of the Creative Writing course will be confident readers and writers who are able to express their own ideas. We use Read Write Inc. materials for this course.

Skills developed:

  • Grammar

  • Proofreading skills

  • Powerful vocabulary

  • Creative writing​