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Mud Pies RWI Phonics 幼兒英語拼音班

 幼兒英語拼音班: 1-3級 (3至6歲) 
 RWI Phonics by Mud Pies: Level 1-3 (3-6yrs) 

 英語課程 English courses 

Mud Pies的拼音級別1-3




拼音級別1-語音旨在促進早期會話技能、音位意識和建立詞彙量。 除了語音教學之外,這些課程還通過歌曲、遊戲和講故事讓學習變得有趣。 在拼音級別1-語音中,學生能提升他們的詞彙量和用英語表達自己的能力。 一旦孩子們可以輕鬆識別和閱讀所有Read Write Inc. Set 1字母快速發音並能寫字母,他們將畢業並開始拼音級別2-拼讀和串字




  • 對話

  • 拼音(所有短元音、輔音和基本的音素)

  • 書寫 - 字母的形成

  • 語音拼讀

  • 建立詞彙

  • 社交和溝通技巧

拼音級別2 - 拼讀和串字(4歲起)



當孩子們可以自信地閱讀和書寫前31個語音(所有短元音、輔音和基本的音素)時,就該開始學習拼讀和串字了。拼音級別2 - 拼讀和串字是孩子們學習閱讀的發展關鍵。孩子們學會拼讀單詞和使用“Fred Fingers”串字。拼讀和串字是同時教授的,因為這兩種技能同等重要。一旦孩子們掌握了這個級別的技能,他們就會成為很好的讀者。他們將畢業並開始拼音級別3 - 讀和寫




  • 拼音調整

  • 拼讀

  • 分段拼寫單詞

  • 社交和溝通技巧

拼音級別3 - 讀和寫(5歲起)


拼音級別3 - 讀和寫中,孩子們通過一系列小讀本進行學習。 重點是拼寫,混合生詞,培養閱讀流暢度,培養理解能力和串字。孩子們閱讀短文並根據課文回答問題。這些故事很短,易於處理且很有趣。 隨著孩子們通過各個級別,小讀本變得越來越有挑戰性。 一旦孩子們掌握了整個級別的技能,他們就會畢業並開始英文創意寫作級別1





  • 拼音調整

  • 拼讀和串字調整

  • 培養閱讀流暢度

  • 學習聽寫

  • 培養理解能力

  • 社交和溝通技巧












* Mud Pies Education使用Read Write Inc.(RWI)課程作為拼音課程的一部分。我們的老師皆受過RWI培訓,所有RWI印刷教材購買自牛津大學出版社。

Phonics by Mud Pies Levels 1-3

Phonics (Level 1) - Sounds (from 3 years)

Learn Sounds

Phonics (Level 1) - Sounds is designed to promote early conversational skills, phonemic awareness and build vocabulary. The lessons make learning fun for children with songs, games and storytelling in addition to phonics instruction. In Phonics (Level 1) - Sounds, students improve their vocabulary and the ability to express themselves in English. Once children can easily identify and read all the Read Write Inc. Set 1 Speed Sounds and can write letters, they will graduate and start Phonics (Level 2) - Blend and Spell.


Skills developed:

  • Conversation 

  • Phonics (all short vowel sounds, consonants and basic diagraph phonemes)

  • Writing – letter formation

  • Sound blending (oral)

  • Vocabulary building

  • Social and communication skills​


Phonics (Level 2) - Blend and Spell (from 4 years)

Blend to read, decode to spell

When children can read and write the first 31 sounds (all short vowel sounds, consonants and basic diagraph phonemes) confidently, it’s time to learn to blend to read and spell. Phonics (Level 2) - Blend and Spell is a crucial level in the development of a child’s journey to learn to read. Children are taught to blend to read words independently and to segment words using “Fred Fingers' to spell. Blending and spelling are taught simultaneously as both skills are equally important. Once children master the skills in this level, they are well on their way to becoming strong readers. They will graduate and start Phonics (Level 3) - Read and Write.


Skills developed:

  • Phonics revision

  • Blending to read - assisted then independent blending

  • Segment words to spell

  • Social and communication skills



Phonics (Level 3) - Read and Write (from 5 years)

Read and Write

In Phonics (Level 3) - Read and Write, children work through a series of ‘Ditty Books’.  The focus is on spelling, blending new words, reading fluency, comprehension and spelling. Children read short passages and answer questions in response to the text. The stories are short, manageable and lots of fun. The ditties get progressively harder as children work through the levels. Once children have mastered the skills in this level they will graduate and start English Writing Enrichment Level 1.


Skills developed:

  • Phonics revision

  • Blending and spelling revision

  • Build reading fluency

  • Learn dictation

  • Develop comprehension skills

  • Social and communication skills

List of schools that our students are attending

Braemar Hill




Learning Habitat

Sacred Heart Canossian

Sheng Kung Hui

St. Catherine

St. Paul



* Mud Pies Education uses Read Write Inc (RWI). curriculum as part of the phonics course. Our teachers are all RWI trained and we purchase all RWI printed material from Oxford University Press.

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