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Mud Pies在線學習平台

 Online classes taught by our teachers in the U.K.  

 英語課程 English courses 

Mud Pies在線學習平台。


(4 歲至成人)






學生可以選擇小組課程(6-7人)、半私人課程(與自己朋友組成的學習小組) 或1對1私人課程。


  • 拼音和識字

  • 英語寫作充實(KS1,KS2,KS3)

  • 英語語法和學習技巧

  • 7 Plus、11 Plus 和 13 Plus 考試準備。(數學和英語,語言推理和非語言推理)

  • GCSE 和 A'level 支持

  • 面試準備

  • 劍橋青年英語(Starters Movers and Flyers)


  • 商業/ 企業英語




Mud Pies Education Online Learning Platform. 


(Ages 4- Adult)


Sign up for regular, live- online classes from the comfort and safety of your home. 


Our online classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers in the United Kingdom. We use ‘up-to-date’ technology to ensure lessons are easy to follow and great value for money. We use British curricula, ensuring top-notch quality and consistency. Choose from a range of subjects and class times to suit you.


Students may choose between small group classes, Semi-Private Tuition (small study groups for friends), or 1-2-1 Private Tuition.


  • Phonics and Literacy

  • English Writing Enrichment (KS1, KS2, KS3)

  • English Grammar and study skills

  • 7 Plus, 11 Plus and 13 Plus Examination Prep. (Maths and English, Verbal reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning)

  • GCSE and A’level Support 

  • Interview Prep.

  • Cambridge Young Learners of English (Starters Movers and Flyers)


  • Corporate English

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