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Mud Pies Education: Where Learning and Fun Go Hand in Hand!

Hello, wonderful Parents and Guardians!

Welcome to the very first blog post of Mud Pies Education! I’m Ms. Liz, and I enjoy every minute of being the principal of Mud Pies Education. Since we opened our doors in 2007, I’ve seen our school grow, adapt, and flourish in ways I couldn’t have imagined when we first started. Parents often give fabulous feedback about our conversations and I want to share some of these experiences with more of you.

I’m a firm believer in the magic of everyday conversations. I love human interaction and have the most wonderful relationship with parents and students we have worked with over the years. I feel blessed that our families continue to stay in touch nearly 20 years later (even though that makes me feel very old). Whether it’s a quick chat in Mud Pies reception, a deep discussion during a 121 parent-teacher meeting, or, more recently, online video calls, I’ve always found it easier to connect and share ideas verbally. But now, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to bring you a series of published blog posts that I hope will be both engaging and helpful.

Why a Blog?

Why a blog, you ask? In our fast-paced world, staying connected and informed is more important than ever. This blog is my way of sharing insights, tips, and a bit of humour about the wonderful (and sometimes challenging) journey of raising and educating children. From reading and literacy to navigating the tricky waters of peer pressure, I’ll cover a wide range of topics that I hope will resonate with you.

A Peek into Our Daily Lives

I’ll be diving into a different aspect of parenting and education, drawing from my experiences and the collective wisdom of our amazing teachers and parents. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics we’ll explore:

  • The Magic of Bedtime Stories: How a simple bedtime routine can ignite a lifelong love of reading.

  • Communicating with Your Children: Turning "How was school?" into meaningful conversations.

  • Sibling Dynamics: Encouraging healthy communication and bonding between siblings.

  • Thriving in Primary and Secondary School: Tips and tricks to help your child navigate school with confidence.

  • Exam Prep and School Interviews: Making these milestones less stressful and more manageable.

  • Building Confidence and Public Speaking: Helping your child find their voice and shine.

  • The Importance of Physical and Mental Well-Being: Balancing the mind and body for overall health.

We’re in This Together!

I’m incredibly excited (and a bit nervous) to embark on this blogging journey with you. I hope that through these posts, we can continue to build a supportive community where we share, learn, and laugh (quite important) together. I want to hear your thoughts, your stories, and your questions. After all, we’re all in this together, navigating the beautiful voyage of parenthood and education.

So, grab a decent cup of tea (or coffee, if you must), get comfortable, and join me as we explore the world of sharing and support online. Please contact me directly if you have a particular topic that you’d like addressed. 

Thank you for being here, please excuse my British sense of humour - I can’t help it! I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

Warm regards,

Ms. Liz

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